Thanks Roland, for clearly connecting the dots between microservices and the surrounding goals. I also see where containerization of middleware can be the best and only step.

TL;DR a lot of different things!

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I’m often asked about my job:

  • What’s a typical day like?
  • What is your role on the team?
  • How is product management 1) like design, 2) like project management, 3) like business operations

So I thought it might be good to take all those…

Since my world primarily revolves around cloud computing, my technology trends bear that lens.

Why cloud: scalability, availability, efficiency, and security

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Intersection of public cloud, distributed cloud, and multicloud

The march continues onward for many companies to host more and more of their digital estates on public clouds. But it’s not that easy to wholesale declare you’re going…

I love this time of year because I get to reflect on what’s happened and what’s to come next. This year’s themes arise from what the world experienced in 2020 — pandemic, natural disasters, social injustice, and more.

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I’m starting my series of trend blogs with a general look at…

I surprised myself. I thought I had nailed task management ages ago. But in 2020, I reinvented how I manage my time.

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So, what’s different during Covid?

  • More meetings that have no or little time between them so I can complete actions items or record outcomes.
  • Digital transformation accelerated due…

Offering and product names change, and they change often. Even logos change too. These examples show the evolution of large brand logos, and names change even faster:

IBM logos over time

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A couple years ago, Karan Shukla spoke at the IBM Design Studio’s Craftcon. His talk, Designing for the Human Brain, was inspirational to me, as I build content and user experiences for our busy users. My favorite takeaways follow.

The lazy brain

  • Humans want the least amount of work possible.

After a UI text review with a teammate, I realized that improving this text could be boiled down to five simple steps.

Before jumping into those steps, this mockup of a user interface shows the pain of repetition:

  • 2x: preconfigured
  • 3x: blueprint
  • 2x: template
Example UI: Repeated text is circled
  1. Redundant text. Do the title, the…

See, even this blog title uses marketing’s vaunted tips for better SEO and viral potential. The title asks a question, setting up a desire to learn more. And, the title uses a provocative keyword.

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So did it work? If you’re reading this sentence, you clicked and read. Which leads us…

“Hey, we do what we do best. We improvise, all right?”

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So my movie reference has only a tenuous connection with animation. All the same, I am inspired by Val Head and Sarah Drasner. They are each experts in compelling animation, specifically on the web.

Animation has had a bad…

Vanessa Wilburn

Product manager for IBM Cloud. Food and travel lover. Sometimes found on the water. Opinions are my own.

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